Friday, 19 October 2012

Jones Family


        I am so thankful to have had the pleasure of shooting this family! The enquiry was about an anniversary\family shoot. The Chilliwack Museum was such a heartfelt location for them because 10 years ago, Crystle and Huw's wedding took place there! The day was filled with lots of laughs and great shots. I'm so happy with these! Here's some of my best shots from that day.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Getting Started!

Well, I'm finally here after months of "I'll get to it." So, here I am! I owe this all to my aunt, and fellow blogger Donna from Funky Junk Interiors. Between food and drink breaks, we finally built my becoming blog. So happy! The day started with a shoot. We've been planning for me to take photos of her forever-along with the construction of my blog. So we got down to it, outfit changes, hauling out the lighting, and even the wood-working table! Photos and photos later, we got down to business. I wouldn't of been able to build this without her help-she's amazing at what she does!
                We did the shoot to showcase her and around some of her projects. She takes "junk" and turns it into unique, affordable, and easy to duplicate things to decorate her home! I would really suggest taking a look at her blog. One, because what she does is simply amazing, and two, because I'm not very good at explaining things. Haha!

                        Here are some of my favourite shots.



Saturday, 8 September 2012


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  Hi, I'm Zoe Brown. I'm 15 years old, and currently living in Chilliwack, British Columbia. I live, and breathe photography. Ever since I've remembered, I've always wanted to either be an artist, or a photographer. And now, I combine both. From capturing those natural, wholesome moments of a newborn shoot, or using my creative and artistic skills to take those edgy model shots, I love what I do. I may be just starting out, but this is what I want to do. I love being able to capture lifes little moments, or big ones. I love playing around with makeup, and dramatic lighting with models. I love doing everything, and anything that has to do with taking pictures. I'm always looking for ways to improve my creativity and skills to produce a better, and more different looking photo. I don't want to "fit" in. I want myself, and my photos to "stand out."